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Business owners fight proposed parking meters on Penn Ave. in the Strip District



PITTSBURGH - Business owners in the Strip District are upset with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority's proposed plan to install parking meters on Penn Avenue.

The meters would go in between 17th and 31st streets, an area that is currently free to park.

Officials said the more than 300 pay-by-plate meters would cost $2 per hour to park.

Business owners said they're worried the plan will turn away customers.

Most drivers Channel 11 spoke with said the meters wouldn't discourage them from parking on the street.

"No, not all," said Bill Crawford.

"I actually look for the lesser of two evils. To me honestly, the meter is the lesser of the evil.  I forsee a parking meter is a much more budget-oriented fee than a lot," said Robert Vingiquerra.

City leaders may reach a decision by this fall.