• Major local roadway closed for several hours after concrete falls from overpass


    PITTSBURGH - A busy Point Breeze roadway was closed late Monday night after concrete fell from an overpass.

    Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson reported that Pittsburgh police shut down a portion of Fifth Avenue near Hamilton Road late Monday night.

    Inspectors were called to the scene to examine the problem. All debris was removed from the street and inspectors are monitoring the overpass. 

    “It’s going to cause serious injury if it’s not taken care of,” mechanic Bryan Sareren said.

    No injuries were reported during the incident, but officials said there were reports of minor car damage.

    “It could damage your hood, roof, windshield area. You could get $3,000 to about $6,000 worth of damage,” Sareen said.

    The intersection reopened Tuesday after about four hours, and a city spokesperson said Public Works crews have declared the overpass safe.

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