• Butler Co. war veteran assaulted inside home by woman stealing pain meds


    CHICORA, Pa. - Someone broke into a Butler County war veteran’s home Saturday, assaulted him and stole his pain medication, police said.

    James Muncie suffered a broken neck and injuries to his arm and leg after he said a woman threw him to the ground while trying to run from his Chicora home.

    Muncie said he knows the woman who broke into his home through a window, then waited for him to return home from a month-long hospital stay.

    He said he tried to stop the woman, who he said lives near him and was arrested several weeks ago for theft, but she pushed him to the ground and took off with the medication.

    The stolen medication, Muncie said, was used to treat various ailments he lives with on a daily basis. He is on more medication following Saturday’s assault.

    “I'm in constant pain. I have no use of my right arm,” said Muncie.

    Police said they have talked to the suspect, whom they plan to charge sometime next week.

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