• Butler County woman gives birth in back seat of car


    BUTLER, Pa. - A husband and wife from Butler County welcomed a new son into the world last week after the woman gave birth in the back seat of their car.

    The proud parents, Kristen and Mark Wabiszewski, were planning to go to Magee Women’s Hospital when Kristen began having contractions.

    But Kristen’s water broke before they even left the driveway of their Renfrew home, and she gave birth in the back seat of their car.

    “Even after he was born, it took a little, I don’t know how long, before he really started crying. I guess they give babies up to a minute and I didn’t know that,” Kristen Wabiszewski said. “It was probably 20 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity.”

    The Wabiszewskis named their son Isaac. He and Kristen were released from the hospital Sunday.

    “I still say it sounds more like just a story I’m telling instead of something I actually did and lived,” Kristen Wabiszewski said.

    Hospital officials Isaac and Kristen are both fine.

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