• Car crashes into home on Federal Street again


    PITTSBURGH - A car crashed into a home on Federal Street in Pittsburgh’s North Side neighborhood on Monday.
    This is the second time a car has crashed into a home on the street in the past couple weeks.
    The crash was reported just after 2 p.m. Monday.
    Witnesses said the car was driving on the street at a high rate of speed, hit a car, spun around and hit into the home.
    “I found my hubcap on the ground, and our car is not drivable now,” said Katherine Hayashi.
    Neighbors said three of their parked cars have been hit in the last six months.  They said it’s an ongoing problem with speeding, and they’ve been asking city officials to do something about it.
    City Council President Darlene Harris said she contacted police and traffic enforcement.  The speed limit can’t be lowered, and officials can’t put up a stop sign.  She said she’s working to see what else can be done.

    On April 17, a similar accident was reported when a car slammed into a home. (Click here to view that story.)


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