• Cast of ‘Night of the Living Dead' reunites in Evans City


    EVANS CITY, Pa. - The cast of George Romero’s iconic horror film “Night of the Living Dead” drew crowds to Evans City for the Living Dead Festival Friday and Saturday.

    The film, portions of which were filmed in Evans City, is celebrating its 45th anniversary.

    Fans of the movie were able to tour the cemetery where scenes were shot, and received autographs from cast members including former WPXI broadcaster Bill Cardille.

    “The mystique about the show, I even tried to figure out, one of the critics said when it first came out, ‘not any good.’ Well, someone picked up that critic’s writings, put it in the reader's digest, they printed it eight months later, and what happened? The show became universal,” said Cardille.

    “Zombies started with “Night of the Living Dead,” and that one film changed the landscape of pop culture forever,” said Kevin Kriess, of the Living Dead Museum.

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