• Change in ordinance requires $10,000 bond to own pit bull in Bessemer


    BESSEMER, Pa. - This week a 25-year-old ordinance in Bessemer was changed and is making it nearly impossible for anyone to own a pit bull.

    According to the ordinance, pit bulls “are considered dangerous and potentially hazardous to the community,” making people take out a $10,000 bond if they want to own one.

    One man in the town, Dan Gregg, said he is not against dogs, he has a black lab himself, but believes owners need to be responsible for whatever kind of dog they have.

    “I think they’re dangerous dogs,” said Gregg.

    Bessemer council said the hefty bond is a way to cover medical costs in case on an attack.

    However, Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz learned Friday that the whole issue may be a moot one since everyone she spoke with in Bessemer said they don’t know anyone who owns a pit bull in town.

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