• Channel 11 helps get action for ‘dangerous' bus stop


    GARFIELD, Pa. - The owner of a local day care contacted Channel 11 News and said she was concerned that her children have to walk through a construction project every day on their way to the bus stop.

    The situation is taking place on Penn Avenue in Garfield, where a major renovation project is underway.

    “You know the bus stop is really dangerous. It’s really a mess,” Ruth Wright said.

    Wright operates a home-based day care center, and said her kids have to walk past the construction project on a daily basis.

    “They’re sanding and all that dust flies. I’m really concerned, not just about my kids, but other people’s kids, too,” Wright said.

    According to Wright, she’s been complaining for months.

    “I feel like we’ve been left to fend for ourselves,” she said.

    Channel 11 News called school officials on Wednesday, and they said they’re aware of the project’s proximity to the bus stop. They said they haven’t gotten any direct complaints or requests from parents to move the location.

    Officials said they will move the bus stop about a block away while the project is still going on.

    “My concern is the safety of the children,” Wright said.

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