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Melanoma survivor talks about bill that would ban teens from using tanning beds



PITTSBURGH - A melanoma survivor spoke with Channel 11 Thursday after a bill that would ban teenagers from using tanning beds jumped a hurdle.  With prom season approaching, the bill is in the spotlight.

The bill recently passed a state senate committee that would put restrictions on teenagers and tanning beds.  It would ban anyone 16 or younger from indoor tanning and make 17-year-olds have parents’ permission.

When Marcy Mammay was 18 years old, she said the tanning salon was the place to be. 

“Power tan we called it,” she said.

Mammay said she thought it was safer than being in the sun.

Three years ago, she found an abnormal mole that turned out to be melanoma.  She had surgery to remove the cancer.

“I think tanning beds should be completely banned or make people more aware at the tanning salons,” said Mammay.

Channel 11 stopped by Summer Tanning in Bellevue and part-owner Dena Kamdar said she supports the bill.

“I fell that’s a very good option.  There are other options for young kids.  There’s spray tanning, and I’ve noticed younger kids turning to spray tanning,” she said.

Kamdar said teenagers as young as 14 years old use her tanning beds but parents have to sign release forms.

Under the bill, a salon could face $1,000 fine for violating the rules.



Local organizations like The Woiner Foundation have made it their mission to fight melanoma by increasing awareness, supporting patients, survivors and families and fundraising for research.

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