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Channel 11's Gordon Loesch gets ride of lifetime in WWII plane



WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. - Channel 11’s Gordon Loesch got the ride of a lifetime this week.

Loesch rode in a World War II-era Skytyper plane known as the T-6 Texan.

“These are the aircraft that trained the greatest generation of fighter pilots,” said pilot Steve Kapur.

Kapur does airshows around the country.

The Skytypers do low altitude, close formation demonstrations and skytype messages in the sky with smoke puffs.

Even though the planes are nearly 75 years old, they still have a lot of life in them.

“The attention to detail in terms of maintenance is meticulous.  We have three full-time mechanics, and they’re constantly working to keep the planes in great shape.

Loesch enjoyed his ride, saying, “It was better than a roller coaster.”