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Charges reinstated against Wilkinsburg man in 'speedy trial' rape case


PITTSBURGH - The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has reinstated the rape charge against a Pittsburgh-area man who was released when his case languished for more than a year because of a paperwork error.

According to Channel 11’s news exchange partners at TribLIVE, the ruling overturns an earlier Superior Court decision that the Allegheny County prosecutor's office failed to adequately keep track of the case against David Bradford. The justices voted 5-1 to reinstate the charges, finding prosecutors exercised due diligence despite the delay.

The Wilkinsburg man was charged with rape and kidnapping in September 2008. A paperwork glitch kept the case from being sent to the court records office until months after his preliminary hearing.

Bradford's attorney got a county judge to throw out the charge when he wasn't given a speedy trial -- as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution -- within a year of being charged.