• Charleroi senior citizens high-rise targeted by thieves


    CHARLEROI, Pa. - Charleroi Police said the senior citizens high-rise Char House has been the target of thieves recently.
    In the past few months, cash and a purse has been stolen.
    On two occasions, police said a bold thief went straight for the front door, pressing all the buzzers in the lobby until a resident answered.
    “Once she answered, the woman told them she was EMS,” said detective Eric Porter.
    Porter told Channel 11 EMS workers are often called to the complex, which explains why the resident let the woman into the building.
    “Probably fear that one of the residents needed medical assistance or out of good faith,” said Porter.
    “Just as long as my doors are locked, I feel safe here,” said resident Beverly White.
    White saved her 99-year-old aunt has lived in the Char House for decades and only recently started locking her doors.
    Other residents Channel 11 talked to said they no longer feel safe.
    “We want them to feel safe.  We offered to come down in the evenings to do a walk-through to make them feel more secure,” said Porter.

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