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City officials increasing security after bar hours along Carson Street



PITTSBURGH - City officials are planning an increase in security on the South Side in hopes of cracking down on drunk and rowdy bar patrons.

Authorities said off-duty Pittsburgh Police officers who moonlight as security guards will spend an extra hour clearing the streets starting this weekend.

Under the new plan, the officers would work on and around Carson Street from 2:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. to make sure the crowds evacuate without any problems.

Officials said the plan was partially fueled by people who live near the bar district and have complained about the rowdy crowds.

In recent months, police have responded to fights, shootings, stabbings and an overall unwillingness for people to leave.

Most people told Channel 11’s Dave Bondy that they’re in favor of the new plan.

“That’s a good move to get them out. They have no business hanging around the streets,” Frank Bernardini said. “How many things have happened down there? Shootings, stabbings and people getting beat up, you just don’t need it.”

Officials said the extra hour will be paid for by the city, but in the future city leaders said they’re hoping bar owners will assist them with paying the officers.