• Clairton city schools participate in ‘active shooter training' drills


    CLAIRTON, Pa. - Several local law enforcement agencies teamed up with Clairton city schools on Friday for a safety drill designed to make teachers, students and police better prepared for a dangerous situation.

    Although it was just a drill, Clarion school officials said tense moments like the ones demonstrated are what local schools need to be prepared for in case it really happens.

    Right on school property, “active shooter training” situations were practiced in light of the Newtown, Conn., shooting in December.

    We want to be proactive in understanding what will happen if we ever have this kind of emergency of an active shooter in this building, said Wayde Killmeyer, Clairton Superintendent.

    For teachers, the drill was a real eye-opener.

    Even one of the first responders were letting us know when they come, their main goal is not to help someone who is wounded. They will have to step over those people and go toward the perpetrator.” said Debbie Maurizio, a Clairton city school employee.

    School officials said this drill was the first of its kind that the district has performed, but said it’s a drill that could ultimately save lives and prevent panic.

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