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Contractor accused of illegally dumping materials in Homewood



PITTSBURGH - A contracting company is accused of illegal dumping in Homewood despite having permits revoked by the Department of Environmental Protection.

A. Phillips Jr. Hauling company is accused of illegally dumping materials at a lot on Brushton Avenue.

According to the DEP, several notices of violations have been issued to the operator.

“The operator of this site is a chronic violator of DEP regulations,” said spokesman John Poister.

A. Phillips Jr. Hauling’s Pennsylvania waste hauling permit was revoked, but the dumping continued.

“It's illegal dumping. He is not permitted to be dumping the material he is dumping in that site. There are no permits for that site from the DEP,” said Poister. "We've even gone as far as issuing multiple field orders, which is the highest level of an order we can issue administratively to cease and desist the operation, and these have been ignored.”

Leslie Becton, who lives on the property behind where the illegal dumping has occurred, said, “It's awful.  We live in the city, and you won't find a dump in anybody else’s neighborhood.”

The DEP said it is looking into the situation and will see what else can be done to stop the illegal activity.