• Couple accused of kicking teen out of house; Dad says it was misunderstanding


    ROCHESTER, Pa. - Police said a Rochester couple kicked a 14-year-old out of their house to live on the streets.  The teenager’s dad said it’s a misunderstanding.
    “We didn’t kick him out,” said Aaron Hostetler.
    A neighbor told police Hostetler and his girlfriend, Jane Scott, kicked the teenager out without a place to stay.
    Hostetler said he was at work when his girlfriend and son argued.
    “My girlfriend told him to come outside for an hour and then he decided he didn’t want to come back at all,” said Hostetler.
    The 14-year-old didn’t come home for two days, and Hostetler said he thought his son was at a friend’s house.
    According to police paperwork, police the boy’s bed, mattress and clothes in a shed behind Hostetler’s house.  His room was bare, police said.
    “I’ve been trying to talk to him about this, but he doesn’t have much to say,” said Hostetler.
    Hostetler said his son moved back in with him two years ago after several years with his mother and it has been a struggle.
    Hostetler and Scott are facing endangering the welfare of children charges.  They’re due in court next month.

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