• Couple accused of taking baby on drug deal arrested


    PITTSBURGH - Police said they arrested a couple accused of taking a baby on a drug deal Thursday.

    "An undercover officer spotted a car going about 90 to 100 miles per hour.  They are known drug users in our area," said detective Alexander Coghill of Canonsburg police.

    Knowing the couple’s history, in an unmarked car, police said they kept an eye on where they were going.

    "The undercover detective also spotted a baby in the car and followed it to a high crime area in Pittsburgh," said Coghill.

    Police said the couple headed back to their apartment in Canonsburg. Police said they stopped the couple's car, and several baggies of heroin were found on the man during a search. 

    Police said the baby was fine.  Washington County Children and Youth Services was called.

    The couple is expected to face child endangerment and drug charges.

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