• Couple tied up during Allentown home invasion; Robber helps give victim oxygen


    PITTSBURGH - An Allentown couple said they were tied up after three masked men burst into their home Tuesday evening searching for pain medication.

    Sandy Stubenrauch said she left her front door unlocked because she was expecting her daughter and grandson for dinner.

    Stubenrauch said she was blindsided by the group of three men who tied up her and her husband's hands with zip ties while they ransacked their home for prescription medication.

    "They went through the whole house. Things were just thrown everywhere," Stubenrauch said. "They threw me on the dining room floor and tied my hands behind my back. He was sitting at the desk and they threw him on the floor and tied his hands behind his back and told us not to move."

    Stubenrauch said her husband has emphysema and needs oxygen. She said one of the robbers helped put his oxygen mask back on several times during the invasion.

    The couple said the men stole the couple's cellphones and then cut their hands free before leaving.

    So far, no arrests have been made.

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