• Judge rules 14-year-old New Castle murder suspect won't be released before trial


    NEW CASTLE, Pa. - A local judge ruled Tuesday that the boy who's been held for more than three years on charges he killed his father’s pregnant fiancée and her unborn child will not be released from jail before his trial starts.

    The Superior Court panel ruled last month that a Lawrence County judge must hold a hearing for 14-year-old Jordan Brown and indicated the local judge erred in not holding a hearing for the boy sooner.

    Officials announced that Brown's trial will begin Tuesday.

    Prosecutors said Brown killed Kenzie Houk with a shotgun as she lay in bed in February 2009.  Houk had been shot in the back of the head when she was found, police said.

    Houk’s mother, Debbie, said their family comes to every court hearing to make sure her daughter and grandson are not forgotten.

    “We don’t want him out and the time he’s going to spend in jail is not enough. It’s not long enough,” Houk said.

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