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Crews continue work on massive water main break in downtown Pittsburgh



PITTSBURGH - A day after a massive water main break in downtown Pittsburgh, crews continue repairing the damage left behind.

Officials said crews are having an issue repairing the break at Fort Pitt and Woods streets because a gas line is just inches away from the water line.

Tom Palmosina, of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, said the bone-chilling temperatures and decades-old lines caused the mess. However Palmosina said this is the season of water main breaks in the area.

"My guess is this is the first of many to come. But that is the time of year it is," Palmosina said.

Since the break Thursday morning, there has been a smell of gas in the air. Equitable Gas crews have been working nonstop to find the source of the gas.

“All of the buildings we continue to monitor are safe. The pipes we’ve checked are all safe, and that’s why we are trying to do more to see where the odor is coming from,” Equitable Gas spokesman Scott Waitlevertch said.

Tom Smyers Jr. is one of the many business owners on Fort Pitt Boulevard, and said the road closure has been bad for business.

“A lot of the businesses have to be flexible. They have to use the back alley and come in on First Avenue, but it’s impacted our businesses because you have to be flexible and understanding,” Smyers Jr. said.

The Mon Wharf is closed Friday and crews hope to have the break fixed before the end of the day.

No service interruptions were reported.

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