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Crews prepare for expected storm; Salt shortages not a problem



PITTSBURGH - Snowfall this winter has been more than double the average, and road crews have had a tough time trying to remove it.

At one point, Pittsburgh Public Works almost ran out of salt.

Now, in advance of Wednesday and Thursday’s expected snow, Channel 11’s Dave Bondy found out how crews are preparing.

PennDOT officials and the city said they’re ready, although most people have had enough of winter.

“I feel like I’m at Kennywood on a rollercoaster, up and down, with this weather. I’m tired of it,” Al Quevi said. “One Facebook, they had the best thing. It said, ‘Those who are praying for snow, please stop.’”

Steve Cowan, of PennDOT, said crews have enough salt for whatever happens with this storm.

“PennDOT recently received 35,000 tons from the Port of Delaware. Of that shipment, Allegheny County will get 3,000 tons. Absolutely, we’re in good shape with our salt supplies,” Cowan said.

A salt shortage has been a major concern in several places, including Pittsburgh. City spokesperson Tim McNulty said the city has 2,000 tons of salt, and that should be enough for this storm.

McNulty also said they will continue to monitor the storm and address the need for trucks and crews.

“We will have full crews out tonight to battle the storm. We will work as long as it takes to clear the roads,” Cowan said.

Unfortunately, due to the rain, PennDOT crews will not be able to pre-treat the roads.