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Officials agree to install crosswalk after ‘vigilante' painted lines at Polish Hill intersection



PITTSBURGH - Someone has taken matters into his or her own hands at a dangerous intersection in Pittsburgh's Polish Hill neighborhood.

The person, who's being dubbed the "crosswalk vigilante," neatly painted a crosswalk at the corner of Melwood Avenue and Finland Street after citizens raised concerns about pedestrian safety.

According to, the official site of the Polish Hill Civic Association, a formal request was made to city of Pittsburgh officials for designated crosswalks.

After the request wasn't met, a random person took the task upon themselves.

PHCA officials said they received information from the city saying that the crosswalks were not regulation size and were not in compliance with ADA laws.

Pittsburgh City Public Work crews told Channel 11 News Tuesday afternoon that they will install a real crosswalk at the intersection.

Residents of the area said they're proud of whoever painted the crosswalk and hope it will help increase the safety of pedestrians.

“It’s helping to make the place safer,” Polish Hill resident Ruth Klavon said.

Officials said larger stop signs will also be installed at the intersection.