• Man accused of killing Penn Hills cop has trial moved to Nov. 26


    PITTSBURGH - A judge has rescheduled jury selection for a man charged with fatally shooting a Penn Hills police officer who fell mysteriously ill and had to be hospitalized in the county jail before jury selection could begin earlier this week.

    Allegheny County Judge Kevin Sasinoski said jury selection for 35-year-old Ronald Robinson's death penalty trial will now begin Nov. 26. That's expected to take three or four days, after which testimony will begin.

    Robinson was found unresponsive in his jail cell Tuesday when guards went to awaken him for his jury selection.

    He was then taken to UPMC Mercy hospital where jail officials and his defense attorney said he was on life support before doctors on Wednesday advised he is expected to recover completely and be returned to jail later this week.

    Officer Michael Crawshaw, of Shaler Township, was killed in December 2009 when he responded to a call about a man with a gun at a Penn Hills home.

    Investigators said  Robinson, of Homewood, shot and killed Crawshaw as he waited in his cruiser for backup.

    Robinson is also accused of killing Danyal Morton. The shooting at the home was over a drug debt, investigators said.

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