• DA office's at Allegheny County Courthouse flooded; Damage to several floors


    PITTSBURGH - Officials at the Allegheny County Courthouse will be assessing the damage left behind after a flood in the District Attorney’s office Thursday.

    Channel 11 News has learned that an air conditioner feed hose broke on the fifth floor, causing water to leak to the floors below.

    Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson reported that officials will be working to determine if any important documents were damaged or destroyed by the water.

    “It’s a significant amount of water. It came down onto the carpet on the 4th floor and here on the third floor. There’s also some fairly decent damage in a couple of offices,” said district attorney spokesman Mike Manko. "It seems like most of the damage is confined to the ceiling and the carpets with some minor damage to some furniture."

    Manko said the incident happened around 3 p.m. and as soon as employees started noticing the water, they began moving things to save their files.

    The DA’s office will remain open Friday while crews work to clean up the mess left behind. 

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