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DA to seek death penalty against man accused of killing sisters in East Liberty



EAST LIBERTY, Pa. - The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that they will seek the death penalty against a man jailed on charges he killed his next-door neighbors earlier this year in East Liberty.

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr.'s office filed documents Wednesday listing five "aggravating circumstances" he plans to argue warrant the death penalty against 43-year-old Allen Wade, should he be convicted of killing Susan and Sarah Wolfe.

Among others, Zappala contends Sarah Wolfe was killed when she returned home to find Susan Wolfe killed the night of Feb. 6, meaning Wade allegedly killed a murder witness. Their bodies were found the next morning when they didn't go to work.

Wade surrendered in March on charges including criminal homicide based largely on surveillance video. The footage showed him using the women's bank cards hours after they were last known to have been alive

Wade has said he's being framed.

“I’m not a monster. My name will be cleared. I’m not worried one bit,” he said.

Defense attorney Blaine Jones, who represented Wade at a preliminary hearing last month, said he no longer represents Wade.

The women were the sisters of Democratic Iowa state Rep. Mary Wolfe.

The following was a statement from Zappala’s office on the aggravating circumstances that led to them deciding to seek the death penalty:

“The victim was a prosecution witness to a murder or other felony committed by the defendant and was killed for the purpose of preventing her testimony against the defendant in any grand jury or criminal proceeding involving such offenses.

“The defendant committed the killing while in the perpetration of a felony.

“The defendant has a significant History of felony convictions involving the use or threat of violence to the person.

“The defendant has been convicted of another Federal or State offense, committed either before or at the time of the offense at issue, for which a sentence of life imprisonment or death was imposable or the defendant was undergoing a sentence of life imprisonment for any reason at the time of the commission of the offense.

“The defendant has been convicted of another murder committed in any jurisdiction and committed either before or at the time of the offense at issue.”


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