• Dance stopped because students were ‘twerking;' Arthur Murray classes suggested


    McMURRAY, Pa. - School officials stopped the recent event after students did the provocative dance that involves hip thrusting and a low squatting stance.
    The dance has been performed by celebrities on television and online. 
    A board member contacted an Arthur Murray Dance Studio to see if the students could be taught dance lessons.
    After posting this report Tuesday night, Channel 11’s Cara Sapida spoke with the board.  Members said they have met with Arthur Murray instructors.

    “They don't know how to dance.  I didn't know how to dance in high school.  I didn't start until college and absolutely love it,” said instructor Carlos Lopez.
    The school hasn’t decided on how the classes would work and if payments would be made by the school or students.  A survey will be sent out to the students next week to see if they’re interested.
    One idea being tossed around is a discounted prom ticket to make up for the cost of dance lessons.
    Hundreds of students were at the non-school sponsored dance.

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