• Deer runs wild inside Highland Park home


    PITTSBURGH - A family is continuing to clean up after a deer ran wild inside their Highland Park home Sunday afternoon.

    The homeowner told Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson, the deer crashed through a window, scratched an end table and jumped on a bed.

    “It was a buck. It was huge,” the homeowner said.

    The homeowner said her mother was in bed when the deer jumped on it.

    “(My mom) is doing good. She’s a little shaken up, but she’s OK,” the homeowner said.

    On Monday, the family is continuing to clean up the blood and broken glass. They will probably have to get rid of some of the furniture.

    “The people that cleaned the house said there’s a chance the deer left Anthrax or something,” the homeowner said.

    The damage will be covered by insurance, the homeowner said.

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