• Dog, GPS tracking help officials find unresponsive man


    SOUTH STRABANE, Pa. - A man involved in a car crash in South Strabane Township Monday was rescued thanks to GPS tracking and the man’s dog.

    Charles Anderson’s daughter called police and said her father was missing after she couldn’t get in touch with him. She said she thought her father, who is a diabetic, was in serious trouble.

    Using Verizon’s GPS tracking, detectives found Anderson’s truck in the Northgate Shopping Mall parking lot, but he wasn’t with his truck.

    The truck had crashed into two Comcast trucks and was still running at the time police arrived. Authorities searched the lot, but were unable to find Anderson.

    At that point, Anderson's dog approached the authorities and led them to Anderson, who was lying on the side of a nearby road, hypothermic and unresponsive.

    According to the police report, Anderson’s daughter had told police that she expected his dog would be with him.

    Police said they believe Anderson was lying on the side of the road for several hours, and his dog was with him the entire time.

    Anderson was taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital where he continues to recover.

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