• Car smashes into Elizabeth Twp. hardware store


    ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A car crashed through the front of a hardware store in Elizabeth Township on Sunday morning, leaving behind quite a mess.

    Channel 11’s Joe Holden reported that a young woman lost control of the car about 8:30 a.m. and crashed through the glass doors of R.C. Walter and Sons True Value Hardware on Boston Hollow Road.

    “She turned to miss the pole and came in through the front doors instead, took out the whole front doors,” said Jeanne Hutchinson, an R.C. Walter and Sons employee.

    Matt Walter, general manager of R.C. Walter and Sons, said he learned of the accident over a scanner.

    “I threw on some clothes and started driving down the road and that's when I started pulling up and saw a car sitting in our front lobby,” said Walter.

    In addition to smashing the hardware store’s glass doors, the impact of the crash caused driveway sealant to splatter everywhere.

    Fortunately, R.C. Walter and Sons is closed on Sundays and no one was injured.

    “If it would have happened any other time, we open at 8 o’clock, it happened around 8:30, there would have been a cashier behind that twisted cashier’s booth, customers sitting right where the car was,” said Walter.




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