• Drug raid in East Deer nets 2 arrests, more possible


    EAST DEER, Pa. - A man and woman were arrested during a drug raid Tuesday morning in East Deer.

    According to police, Charlotte Howell and Christopher Walck were arrested inside their Marian Street home just before 6 a.m.

    The arrests were in response to dozens of citizen complaints from Marion Street residents, police Chief John Manchini said.

    “Marion Street is a nice, quiet neighborhood. We're paid to keep it that way and, one way or another, we will,” Manchini said.

    Manchini said Howell and Walck were to be taken to a district judge for arraignment on drug-related charges.

    The task force is still looking for at least one other person in connection with the raid.

    Channel 11’s news exchange partners at TribLIVE contributed to this report.

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