• Elderly pedestrian killed in accident while trying to help friend


    ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - An elderly pedestrian was killed Friday in an accident involving a motorcycle.
    Allegheny County 911 reports that the accident occurred at 277 Coraopolis Road in Robinson Township.
    Channel 11 News learned from police that Evelyn Andrasko was crossing the road when she was struck and killed by the motorcyclist.
    “Speculation is that she was crossing the street to get her neighbor’s mail, which she does every day,” said neighbor Dale Vietmeier.
    Neighbors said Andrasko was healthy and took care of her friend who lived across the street.
    “She had her friend, Alice, that lived across the street.  Alice wasn’t well, so Evelyn would go over and visit with her and make sure she was OK,” said Vietmeier.
    Andrasko lived in the neighborhood for more than 50 years.  Neighbors are saddened and said she was a wonderful friend.
    “All of the neighbors are deeply upset and crying.  They’re going to miss her,” said Vietmeier.
    Investigators don’t know if Andrasko didn’t see the motorcycle or if the motorcycle didn’t see her.
    The motorcyclist was taken to a nearby hospital with fractures, police said.
    According to the Allegheny County Twitter page, the accident forced officials to close Coraopolis Road from Herbst Road to Interstate 79.
    Also on Friday, a man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Bethel Park on Lytle Road.

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