• Elderly Pittsburgh man without water uses bucket to shower, flush toilet


    PITTSBURGH - The cold Pittsburgh weather has caused water main breaks, and the water main breaks have left people without water, including Harold Cammon.

    The 79-year-old lives in Homewood-Brushton and said he hasn’t had water for a week.

    “This has been going on since seven or eight days ago,” he said.

    Channel 11 reporter Renee Kaminski reports Cammon keeps a bucket in his kitchen sink to collect the little water that trickles out.  When the bucket fills up, Cammon lugs the bucket to his second-floor bathroom.  He uses the water to shower and flush the toilet.

    “I don’t try to take a bath because I would have to carry too much water,” he said.

    Cammon is recovering from heart and shoulder surgery and said he carries the bucket upstairs 15 to 20 times a day.

    Water officials said they weren’t aware of the problem.  They hope to have Cammon's water service restored by Tuesday night.

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