• Electric supplier IDT plans to offer rebates, refunds, credit


    A lot of consumer complaints have been directed at electrical supplier IDT, and on Wednesday, the company said it plans to spend about $2 million in rebates, refunds and credit.
    Clint Bedick told Channel 11’s Gordon Loesch his electric bill more than tripled.  It was about $191.
    Bedick is one of thousands of IDT customers who saw their electric costs skyrocket because of a cold winter and a variable rate that fluctuated with the market.
    “Every bill for service is unique, but we will get to everyone who has reached out to us and will offer assistance," IDT said.
    Bedick was offered a rebate check.
    “Basically they would give me a partial refund.  They’re offering me $130,” he said.
    IDT said its offering payment plans and is giving some customers goodwill credits.
    “That lowers the customer’s cost for the month in question toward the rate he or she paid the previous month,” said IDT.
    “It helps.  It would have just been nice to know that the rates would have been this variable,” said Bedick.

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