• Entire block covered in ice, but where's the water coming from?


    SHERADEN, Pa. - The biggest problem for residents on a Sheraden street covered in ice is the fact that no one knows where the water is leaking from.

    Walking on Stafford Street has become so treacherous that even the mail carrier has stopped deliveries.

    “(The mailman) fell right here where that box is. He fell flat on his face, so no more mail,” Wayne Caruthers said.

    Residents told Channel 11’s Timyka Artist (@WPXITimyka) that it started with a trickle of water, but now an entire block is trapped in ice.

    “It was actually up to their steps, so I’d say it was about a foot or a foot and a half maybe,” Florence Krummenacker said.

    Residents said they’ve contacted Pennsylvania American Water to complain, but haven’t seen a crew at the scene since Tuesday.

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