• Extreme cold causes water main breaks across the area


    BANKSVILLE, Pa. - The extreme cold is causing water main breaks across the Channel 11 viewing area, including one that flooded several basements in Banksville.

    People who live on High Creek Place said water was gushing out of the ground and flowing down the street Tuesday morning.

    Marita Zumpano told Channel 11’s Dave Bondy’s it was around 4 a.m. Tuesday when she realized she wouldn’t be making it to work.

    “I just happened to be up, getting ready for work, and I heard this popping noise. I looked outside and saw water running down the hill so I called 911,” Zumpano said.

    Zumpano said the carpet and anything that was on the floor in her basement was damaged. She said she’s hoping Pennsylvania American Water will pay for everything.

    “(A worker) wanted my name and address and everything. He said they would take care of things, which I’m hoping they will,” Zumpano said.

    PA American Water spokesperson Josephine Posti was at the scene surveying the damage.

    “Our insurance company will be here later this morning and will assess all the damage and make any repairs that are necessary. If there is anything the customer needs to have replaced, we will take care of that as well,” Posti said.

    Bondy reported crews are working on repairing the leak and getting water service restored to the more than 15 affected homes.

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