• Family's personal surveillance system captures thief taking package off porch


    JEANNETTE, Pa. - A Jeannette family is hoping surveillance video will help police identify a woman who allegedly stole a package from their front porch.

    After Chad and Lori Liechliter realized a package they were expecting was nowhere to be found, they turned to their personal surveillance system.

    “I was enraged because I was victimized on my own front porch,” Chad Leichliter said.

    Shortly after the package was delivered early Thursday morning, the video shows a woman get out of her car, walk onto the porch and leave with the package.

    “When (Chad) came upstairs and said, ‘You have to see this video,’ I just couldn’t believe somebody would be so crazy. I mean, come on, my porch,” Lori Leichliter said.

    The Liechliters said they have several surveillance cameras, and each captured a different angle of the theft.

    “I couldn’t believe it. It was so systematic and the lady had it down to an art. The way she cased the place and pulled up nonchalantly, she put it in her car and drove off,” Chad Liechliter said.

    Anyone with information on the alleged theft is asked to contact police.

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