• Fast response time helps police arrest home-invasion suspects


    PITTSBURGH - Authorities arrested three home-invasion suspects, along with the homeowner, Thursday morning in Homewood.

    According to police, a man called 911 and reported that three intruders had broken into his Lawndale Street home around 3 a.m. Thursday.

    “The intruders had thrown a porch table through the front window,” Pittsburgh Police spokesperson Sonya Toler said.

    Investigators said a man inside the home ran to the third floor with his girlfriend. While climbing the stairs, they called 911, which frightened the invaders.

    “They overheard the conversation with 911 and retreated,” Toler said.

    Officers responded to the scene in record time and eventually arrested Jamal Woods, Kevin Gibson and Christopher Gunter.

    “This is a situation that should reassure the citizens that our officers are out there doing the best to keep them safe,” Toler said.

    The suspects were charged with possession of heroin and guns.

    The man in the house who called police was also arrested on an outstanding fraud warrant from Beaver County.

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