• Fayette Co. animal shelter gets overwhelming help after losing water, heat


    UNIONTOWN, Pa. - Volunteers at the no-kill shelter Fayette Friends of Animals got an overwhelming response after they asked for help due to a lack of water and heat.

    The shelter’s pipes froze on Monday.  No water meant no heat.

    “In the office, it was 28 degrees,” said volunteer April Gaines.

    Staff members made a plea for help on social media.

    “We needed blankets to keep the dogs warm, and of course, we needed water to clean and for them to drink,” said Gaines.

    The amount of help that came surprised the volunteers.

    “People were purchasing space heaters out of their own pockets and bringing in anything that they thought we would need,” said volunteer Tanya McConkey.

    “I figured I have to do something.  I called Walmart, and the store donated some food, water and blankets,” said helper Lisa Cook.

    The simple acts of kindness choked up the volunteers.

    “It brings tears to your eyes.  It really does,” said McConkey.  “We couldn’t have hoped for more.”

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