• Firefighters respond to overheated solar panel at Ross retirement home

    By: Debra Erdley


    ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A malfunction in a roof top solar panel at the Ross Hill Retirement Residence in Ross Township brought fire fighters from three departments to the multi-unit building just off McKnight Road Saturday afternoon.

    Ross Fire Marshall John Reubi said a solar hot water panel on the roof of the building overheated, causing a relief valve to blow off and release steam that looked like smoke. Fire fighters from Ross, McCandless and West View responded to the 2:13 p.m. call.

    “There was a lot of noise when it blew. It sounded like an explosion and came in as an explosion. But it was just a normal activation to relieve pressure,” Reuibi said as fire trucks began to leave the site shortly before 3 p.m.

    He said building managers instructed residents to shelter in place in their apartments, while maintenance personnel inspected the panel.

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