• Firefighters use rope basket to rescue man over hillside


    MILLVALE, Pa. - Firefighters had to use a rope basket to rescue a man who fell down a hillside early Thursday morning in Millvale.

    Emergency crews were called to the scene on North Avenue around 2 a.m. There, they found the victim wedged between a tree and a chain-link fence.

    Officials said the man’s friend pushed him over the hillside and the fence stopped him from dropping farther down the hill.

    “We were able to get him in the basket and pull him up with a pulley system,” said Millvale Fire Chief Jim Tunstall.

    "He just thanked us and was very happy he was out of the situation," said Karl Cavanaugh of the Millvale Fire Department.

    The man was taken to an area hospital to be checked out. His name wasn’t released.

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