Franklin Regional stabbing victim shares emotional story of survival


EXPORT, Pa. - Franklin Regional stabbing victim Ariana Schofield spoke with Channel 11 reporter Courtney Brennan on Friday.

“If you were there and you saw things you saw, it’s always going to be in your dreams,” she said.

Not a moment goes by that Schofield doesn't think about Wednesday morning.

Twenty-one students and one adult were stabbed or slashed by student Alex Hribal, 16, police said.

Doctors said if the knife had gone a centimeter deeper, Schofield could have died.

She doesn’t know why Hribal lashed out, but she said she might understand his sadness.   She has been bullied.

"They might say we don't bully people, but they definitely do.  Even if you're a popular kid, you get bullied, and I especially know because of my appearance and the music I listen to and stuff,” she said.

Since the attack, Schofield said she has received a lot of support, but it makes her sad because it took something like this for some kids to have a change of heart.

"Some people just lose it, and some people can control it, and some people can't, like Alex.   You just need to be nice to people."

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