• FRAUD ALERT: Man soliciting donations for Boys & Girls Club not authorized


    PITTSBURGH - A Channel 11 News viewer contacted us about a guy they suspected was not authorized to ask for donations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

    Channel 11’s Rick Earle took to the question straight to the club.

    “Absolutely not,” President Mike Hepler said. “We’ve followed protocol and notified local law enforcement. Hopefully they’ll get down there in time to stop him.”

    Hepler said he’s also fielded complaints about adults using children to sell candy bars on the streets downtown, outside sporting events and on the South Side. He said some of them even printed shirts and badges to look legitimate.

    “The message to the public is if you are approached by a young person or adult soliciting direct donations or candy bars on behalf of the club, that is fraud. They are absolutely not authorized to do so,” Hepler said.

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