• Giant Eagle to offer free blood pressure medication


    PITTSBURGH - The major supermarket chain Giant Eagle has launched a new program that will provide blood pressure medication for free.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 67 million Americans have high blood pressure, and 16 million of them take prescription drugs.

    Starting Friday, two of the most common prescriptions will be free at Giant Eagle.

    “With a lot of people untreated, there are a lot of cardiac issues that can occur and health issues that can be compounded,” a pharmacist said. “With Giant Eagle offering this, it will make it more available for the customers.”

    Here’s what you need to know: If you have a prescription that qualifies, you can get up to 90 tablets of Lisinopril or Lisinopril HCTZ for free.

    “Giant Eagle is the only pharmacy in the area that is offering free blood pressure medicine at this time,” a pharmacist at Giant Eagle said.

    There’s also a new pharmacy app for patients to make sure they’re staying on their medication routine. You can refill prescriptions on the app and find out when the next is ready.

    In addition, if you’re unsure if you have high blood pressure, you can check at a machine inside the store at the pharmacy.

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