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Homicide charges filed in bludgeoning death of Westmoreland Co. grandmother



LAUREL MOUNTAIN, Pa. - The man police brought in for questioning Tuesday in the bludgeoning death of a Westmoreland County grandmother has been charged.

Channel 11’s Joe Holden was there as Greg Randall was arraigned on criminal homicide charges.

Randall called on God just after being charged.

“I love Jesus, you know,” he said.

Holden reported that Randall refused to waive his arraignment to Westmoreland County, so he was arraigned on the charges in Allegheny County, where he was taken into custody.

Randall is accused of killing Angela Cavalero, of Laurel Mountain Borough. Her body was found by police after family members requested a welfare check Friday. 

A search warrant in the case indicated that Cavalero was bludgeoned with a blunt instrument.

“I don’t even remember.  I don’t know what happened.  I have to talk to an attorney first,” said Randall.

According to Holden’s police sources, the object used in the beating death was a hammer.

“They had some rocky times.  Our officers were called out there.  It was never really anything violent.  It was just more arguing,” said Ligonier Police Chief John Berger.

“I did love Angela.  She was a nice person but mean as hell.   She was the beast.  Punched me in the face over 50 times,” said Randall.

Officials said Randall was trying to stay with acquaintances in Robinson Township, and when they saw the details of the investigation on the news, they kicked him out and called police.

“My brother told me Greg was on the news,” said an acquaintance.

Holden also learned that those same people flattened the tires of his car so he was unable to escape.

During his arraignment, Randall was given a public defender. Holden reported that Randall called the defender, “a fox from heaven.” Holden said Randall also told the judge that he was a “good looking guy.”

Berger told Channel 11 that in his 22 years of law enforcement, he has never had a more uncooperative defendant.

Cavalero’s granddaughter spoke with Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan  Monday night.

“She wasn't the normal type of person you would see walking down the street.  She would wear those flashy clothes, the tie-dye, and she would go all out with her jewelry every day," said Bixler.

Bixler said her grandmother took her on vacation every summer and always threw the biggest and best parties at Halloween.

“She loved her family,” said Bixler.  “I want justice for my grandma.”

“I just want him to be put away where he belongs because it wasn't right what he did,” Bixler told Channel 11’s Pamela Osborne after the arrest Tuesday.