• Good Samaritan saves 84-year-old woman who slipped on driveway


    CENTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A good Samaritan helped saved an 84-year-old woman who slipped and fell on her driveway while getting the paper this week.

    Joan Anderson, 84, was lying outside her Center Township home in freezing temperatures.

    “Our street isn’t that busy.  I’m thinking, I better get up,” said Anderson.

    That’s when she began to pray.

    “I said, ‘God, please send somebody to get me out of this,’” said Anderson.

    A couple minutes later, a road worker went by and she screamed.

    “I saw her laying there and had to do something,” said Ron Bartosh.

    Bartosh just happened to take a shortcut by Anderson’s Shaffer Road home.

    “It was cold. I’m surprised I heard her,” he said.

    Anderson believes it was no coincidence but faith that brought Bartosh to her.

    Anderson suffered some bumps and bruises but will be OK.

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