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Gov. Corbett calls leaked emails in Penn State investigation ‘unfortunate'



PITTSBURGH - Gov. Tom Corbett was in Pittsburgh on Monday and talked about the emails leaked in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky trial, as well as the Sandusky guilty verdict.

Several emails suggesting school leaders covered up the accusations against Sandusky have been released by someone close to the investigation.

Corbett said he’s not happy with the leaked emails.

“It’s unfortunate that it happened. Whoever leaked it should be ashamed of themselves quite frankly,” Corbett said. “Let’s wait and see what happens."

Penn State University appointed former FBI Director Louis Freeh to look into the cover-up claims.

Corbett said he thinks details of the university’s investigation should be out before students return to class in August.

Meanwhile, Corbett released the following statement Monday about the guilty verdict in the Jerry Sandusky trial.

"First, I want to thank the jury for their willingness to serve on such a difficult case,'' Corbett said. "I also want to commend the multiple victims in this case who had the courage to come forward and testify in court, confronting Sandusky, and proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of these reprehensible crimes. The agents and prosecutors of the Attorney General's Office, as well as the Pennsylvania State Police, also deserve a great deal of credit for today's verdict. They pursued every lead, gathering evidence from multiple victims, in order to bring this man to justice.''