• Group of armed men threaten to kill 8 kids, kidnap mother during home invasion


    BALDWIN, Pa. - Police said six armed men barged into an apartment in Baldwin Wednesday night, threatening eight children and kidnapping a mother.

    Channel 11’s Dave Bondy reported that the men ordered the kids into a bedroom of the Keeport Drive apartment, and told them they would be killed if they left the room.

    Then, police said, the men kidnapped the mother and took her to an ATM in West Mifflin, forcing her to withdraw money. Officials said the woman is the mother of six of the children and was watching the two others.

    At some point, investigators said the woman was able to escape safely.

    For six hours the children were held up in the apartment, not knowing if any of the armed men were still inside. A SWAT team responded to the apartment, but didn’t go in because they, too, weren’t sure if any of the intruders were there, Bondy reported.

    The situation ended around 4 a.m. when authorities got inside and found the eight children.

    “I just don’t understand how people don’t value children’s lives. It’s the kids that go hurt. It’s not physical, but it’s the kids that go hurt,” said the children’s grandmother.

    No injuries were reported. So far, no reports of any arrests have been made. 

    Bondy reported that police believe the woman’s boyfriend may have known the men involved. 

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