• Group marches with caskets in downtown Pittsburgh to protest gun violence


    PITTSBURGH - It’s not usual to see people wheeling a casket through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh, but it’s also not normal for so many lives to be lost to gun violence on the streets.

    That was the message put forth Saturday during an anti-violence march that started at the City-County building and ended in Point State Park.


    Dozens of marchers from Pittsburgh’s Coalition Against Violence participated along with a police escort to get the message across that the murders and violence must stop.

    “We wanted to send a message that to sit back and be quiet is insane, and it’s not normal for our young people to die out here in the streets,” said Rev. Maurice Trent of the Lighthouse Cathedral Church.

    Those participating marched with caskets to hammer home the message that gun violence is very real and can happen to anyone.

    “With the caskets we wanted to bring the reality to what happens with gun violence and, as a pastor, we bury way too many people due to gun violence,” Trent said.

    According to our news partners at the Trib, 19-year-old Breonna Throne had no problem jumping into a coffin to pose as a body.

    She said she knows of at least six former classmates from Perry High School that never made it to the age of 20.

    The Trib said 71 people were murdered in Pittsburgh last year, a 54 percent increase over 2013.

    For Carrick resident Evelyn Cole, the solution to stopping the violence is simple.

    “It will take people coming together,” she said. “This ‘no snitching’ stuff is weak. We can’t have that.”

    About 60 people participated in the march. 

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