• Heating issues fixed at Butler Co. elementary school; Classes resume Friday


    WEST SUNBURY, Pa. - Students at Dassa McKinney Elementary School, in Butler County, will return to school Friday after missing class the entire week because the building hasn’t had heat.

    Moniteau School District Superintendent George Svolos told Channel 11’s Jennifer Tomazic that power went out and the heating coils froze and then burst on Monday.

    “We had a number of leaks. There was some water damage, but nothing catastrophic,” Svolos said.

    Custodians have been working nonstop to get the problems fixed, and enough progress has been made to resume classes Friday.

    “They’ve been working nonstop. I really commend them, they’ve done a fantastic job,” Svolos said.

    Officials said only a few classes will have to be moved to different rooms because of heat issues.

    On Thursday, Tomazic talked with John Zanelle and his son, Cash. Cash has been helping his dad at the feed store while he was off school.

    “We have a lot of work to do cleaning the mill. We have to keep everything cleaned up,” John Zanella said.

    Svolos told Sapida he’s working with the Department of Education to see if or how they’ll make up the missed days.

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