• How will schools make up days after bitter cold prompted closures?


    PITTSBURGH - School districts have had a lot of closings and delays this winter, so Channel 11 is finding out how they’ll make up the required number of school days.

    Shaler Area School District has two snow days built in to the Easter break.  Any other days off will probably mean adding to the end of the school year, Channel 11 reporter Vince Sims reported.

    "I don't want him to have to lose some of his summer, and I also don't want him to lose his Easter vacation coming up.  That's the time we all get together as a family and celebrate," said parent Prudy Myers.

    Butler Area School District said due to the number of recent closings, Friday, Feb. 14 will change from an in-service day to a school day.  Four scheduled snow make up days have also been added.  If forced to close any more, they’ll add days to the end of the school year.

    Peters Township students will go to school on Feb. 17 and April 21.

    Hempfield students’ makeup day is scheduled for Feb. 17.  They have four other makeup days built into their calendar.

    Sims also talked to Pittsburgh Public Schools officials.  The district hasn’t made any decisions on the calendar yet but plans to notify the parents as soon as possible.

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